along with the traditional industry as the leading new era of e-commerce, more and more traditional enterprises began to use e-commerce to obtain new business opportunities, industry applications. From a certain point of view, e-commerce is a great opportunity for traditional enterprises to seek development, the integration of traditional enterprises and e-commerce is the inevitable trend.

traditional enterprise e-commerce "Dashan"

in order to have a stronger market competitiveness in the rapid development of e-commerce market environment, traditional companies have invested heavily to build e-commerce platform. However, when the site platform in the real operation of the line for some time, the company was found to build a huge amount of money under the platform is not as simple as their imagination. The platform in the structure and functions of the planning design was the most consistent with their own industry and product characteristics, how to effectively circumvent the e-commerce operation risk, and how to achieve brand promotion and profitability to the fastest speed, and so on issues such as if standing in front of the mountain like contact network enterprises.

new business model test of traditional enterprise adaptability, high cost, high risk, lack of experience, the imperfect system also pressed the traditional enterprise breathless, many companies look at the electronic commerce this huge cake can only be good. As e-commerce enterprises to help enterprises in the Internet professional ride the wind and waves are diversity through reign, combined with his experience in the field of Internet technology and traditional business to the demand of electronic business, launched the innovative industry website franchise mode".

e-commerce in the journey of "broad road"

The idea of

e-commerce is very different from the traditional channels. In the view of international reign, traditional enterprise e-commerce is not only help enterprises to build a website, build a platform, thus traditional marketing ideas to operate the new business model is very difficult to walk on the broad road. The real business e-commerce needs is to help them develop a market that is able to quickly open up the business of e-commerce at a lower cost". When all of its industry website Tongbao to station data information transfer center, can effectively optimize the allocation of resources, the same kind of products belonging to several industries, only one operation can be found in various sites, greatly improving the enterprise and the product exposure rate, is advantageous to the enterprise brand more potential partners know, which are more likely to grow in the field of electronic commerce Naka Sone. This is also the occasion of the reign of industry website was one of the reasons many companies agree.

it is understood that the occasion of the reign of the information on the site is not only the industry exposure rate is high, but also with the industry is closely linked with the online data’s authenticity. Industry sources, not to copy occasion Tongbao existing data on the Internet in operating the website platform, and by the industry website franchise business in the industry take advantage of the resources in the data collection of professional website operation within the industry. In this regard, Ding Guodong explained that the occasion of the reign of CEO, the franchisee is industry knowledge, deep understanding of the industry usually >

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