people in this Internet era, e-commerce is indeed very hot, more and more mature. But in 2012 the entire e-commerce platform was not so calm, the business circle inside the Voices of discontent. A round of price wars get, is spreading to the city bigwigs game manufacturers. The platform struggle led to promotion platform continuously, said big promotion of small enterprises must follow the pace of years. In this process, this year’s electricity supplier is obviously not so peaceful.

September 2012 years ago, has been the main network of Jingdong mall electricity supplier can be said to promote a little more than a little break.

Jingdong mall in June to come up with 618 million yuan Jingdong vouchers to support their businesses and customer feedback, the war began to spread. Tmall in order to meet the first time out of 40 million red envelopes. At the same time, Jingdong vs Dangdang book Jingdong vs Tmall clothing City vs Suning Suning to headquarters. All sorts of gimmicks lead Jingdong people busy awfully, because the other platform is led by the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong has been called the mall CEO board price, and price I dare you. Our Jingdong mall minimum. Other platforms hold not live. Mind not calm led to the promotion of Jingdong mall in 2012 pulled a lot of people and new customers. This peibenzhuanyaohe Kung Fu, you can see the Jingdong Mall for networking play than other platforms. They want to keep and is, so far they do lack of customers. So in 2012 the Jingdong and beyond Tmall’s slogan to complete 100 billion of the transactions, Tmall indirect answer to cultivate 100 billions of dollars in sales business. Tmall does have some modest, and we often do not have to count the number of big brands have dozens of shopping. So we don’t need to question Tmall.

but the Jingdong turnover is growing very fast, I think the main reason is the increase of the Jingdong pop open platform investment, the new service virtual recharge and electronic opening, and attract traffic on clothing category key investment. Open platform is currently all brand manufacturers, Jingdong last year to bring the transaction volume of about 3 billion yuan. According to this data Jingdong mall in 2012 to create such a gimmick to stimulate consumption in the case of the more than 4 thousand brands is absolutely possible to allow the open platform to achieve the 20 billion. In September, Jingdong’s investment department arrived in Hangzhou, Wulin Square, this time to supplement their products and gunpowder. The investment focus is the mother and child industry. As a network of retail giant Jingdong mall has been unprofitable, has been questioned by Dangdang and other sites. But the Jingdong in order to attract traffic is made, so no profit surplus is not the key, take the advertising fee, Jingdong has not been profitable, CEO said the price war is nothing to lose. So this year, the Jingdong is a fraction of the price war, but other BTC cannot follow, so in the red collar coupons and many Internet users really benefit is not good, through these envelopes and stamps to buy a lot of benefits.

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