Another wireless Internet industry news! I learned yesterday from a well-known domestic domain name Trading Forum, this domain name has recently been a mysterious buyer to buy millions of dollars! The author has been linked to the original domain name holder of Guangdong Mr. X, trying to further understand the relevant situation of domain name transactions, but Mr X confirmed that there are millions in transferring the domain name of a foreign buyer, always with the relevant confidentiality agreement signed by the author, refused to answer any other questions.


this is not to let the author feel mysterious. Throughout the rise of the wireless Internet industry, only a few years in the country. However, the rapid development of the industry has also brought a series of negative problems. Then, from the beginning of the 05 years, operators have begun to frequent introduction of the policy of industry regulation: ban on SP advertising, mobile phone number, stop the transmission of combat WAP pornography, page Jump, monthly traffic stop…… A pick. Seem to watch WAP life throat tricks have been carried out, some industry site even exclaimed "wireless Internet industry will return to the original starting point, or even disappear!" According to the author, in the operator and the relevant departments of the country’s policy specification, many of the dissemination of bad information for the development of ideas WAP site is indeed gradually disappear. On the contrary, some domestic focus and long-term development of the WAP station has become the direct beneficiaries of such industry norms, industry consolidation: from user access for remediation during the period of the wireless Internet industry operators, government departments, the number of users did not decline, but was significantly increased. "Focusing on the core needs of users, to provide users more practical services and products, provide users with a good experience, steadfastly build the core values of the WAP site, which is our concern. In addition to the operator measures, national policy regulation, the long-term development of the industry as a whole is of great significance." A person in charge of a WAP company optimistic about the recent industry, a series of things to evaluate.

author this domain name, to the wireless Internet industry, as well as the domain name of the investment community professionals to learn that the domain name is the wireless Internet industry in the country’s top-level domain name. Confirmed, WAP.COM has been registered in foreign countries, even if there are thousands of funds may shake; while the WAP.CN domain has also been Chinese Internet information center column registered domain name is limited, so the value of the domain name is especially precious. Millions of panic buying of the domain name, it is undoubtedly injected a tonic to the entire wireless Internet industry. However, through various efforts, the author to the draft, there is no contact with the domain name of the purchaser, for the purpose of its purchase of the domain name, purpose, I can not tell.

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