Abstract: between the product and the operation, always can not be separated, the operation that the product does not attach importance to the operation, but the operation has to bear the responsibility for the product, the product said the operation has not played its due role…… Small partners, can do down to chat



an Internet product team, the core role of products, operations, research and development, UI/ interaction. The relationship between the four is divided into two kinds:

demand side and to meet the relationship between the parties, such as product development and design requirements to the designer, the operation to the product requirements. Products and operations is the demand side, R & D and design is to meet the party.

interdependence and coordination, such as products and operations. These two characters want to do their own work, we must continue to work closely with each other, who can not do without.

but in the process of product and operation cooperation, there will be a lot of complex and difficult to solve the problem, respectively, as follows:

operations that the product does not attach importance to the operation, but the operation has to bear the responsibility for the product:

PM why do we never discuss the function, they understand the needs of users, understand the industry? The line after the function user condemning, let out, explain the operation comfort, is actually the ass..

is easy to have a few versions of the effect is good, PM in the group of mail in happy to write the effect evaluation. In fact, it is because of the operation of the core users in the end of our ah, we are planning for the new version of the event, the credit is PM?

why is the operation of the demand is always the lowest priority to mention a demand according to what the effect must be estimated, not on the line how to estimate, this is not formalism flicker people?

products that the operation has not played its due role:

What time can not operate

staring at KPI do activities, data is up, do not look at the remaining know? What’s the product award gifts, engage in a little atmosphere are not The atmosphere was foul..

Why can’t

operation has some thinking of basic products, not to mention those needs not to the point, the user and what is the difference between the direct feedback, we had to take the time to explain why not do.

we need is not a minor explosion point. The operation you say you understand the industry friends, then please some of the biggest names to help spread the active ah, ah.

described above is extreme, but very representative, I believe a lot of the company’s products and operations students have had similar feelings. Therefore, it is not easy to make these two characters cooperate with each other in order to form a cohesive force. Here to talk about the relationship between the product and the operation of this enemy also friends.

1 what is the reason for

The root causes of the problems with

products and operations are: two >

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