we usually often say "hunger breeds discontentment", indeed, as a third catering industry, the service sector is all rigid demand for all mankind, but also the high frequency of consumption, coupled with the employment threshold is not so high, so many Internet entrepreneurs will look to invest in this industry. So, now we will appear every 20 yuan in the office eat minus 10 yuan high cheap fast food, but this is just the Internet cheap takeaway food industry started, really want to do the Internet food do not rely on this price advantage to operate, but need to go into operation.

first, the Internet to do a good job catering brand platform. We all know that traditional food and beverage stores if you want to get a certain amount of traffic and the market, you must expand the number of stores in order to overcome the limitations of different users in the region. But the Internet to do Internet catering, restaurant brands must first do takeaway platform, this is what one can shoot two hawks with one arrow, saving many store costs, on the other hand can break the geographical restrictions. Now there are a lot of traditional restaurant chain stores because of low prices, rents, labor costs and the transformation of the Internet to do the catering takeaway platform, most of which are O2O model. Although the food and beverage industry is a relatively large scope of the general name, but in a subdivision of their own vertical market focus on doing a good job, but also a great opportunity to occupy a place.

secondly, the Internet to reflect the characteristics of catering brands. Restaurants and catering enterprises dishes colorful, but if there is no reasonable planning for dishes will also affect their own development. For example, an Internet brand catering dishes are very rich, but with the increase of customers, easy to produce the kitchen to prepare iteration time-consuming, customer order repeat rate, high cost and customer waiting time to serve the late new dish update efficiency. So, the Internet brand catering business is not the more the better food, but to be able to have their own special, even if it is a fixed snacks, can be done by the method can be full of sound and colour, is based on the main course have, every week, every month to keep updating, not only can let the customer have to eat feeling tired, but also can reduce the customer order time, catering needs labor costs and food waste.

again, good at using the Internet tools to enhance the user experience. Those who know how to use the Internet to do platform catering enterprises, not only do the function of demand in the platform itself, but also need to make good use of the Internet tools to enhance the user experience, the user experience including customer reservation queuing, ordering, billing, and took the food etc.. Now a lot of delicacy shop because the surge peak hours tend to bring the flow of people, in order to avoid the waste of time, each link will use WeChat, APP, website and other tools to achieve the catering service, which not only can save the manpower cost, more important is to enhance the user’s food and dining experience. There are many Internet catering companies will also use some Internet platform to listen to the user’s service experience, through the Internet >

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