know almost once asked: the core competitiveness of technical workers is his own technical level, the strength of the assessment can be quantified. But for marketing workers, often rely on the company’s background and support, in the end how much value can be created, it is a virtual". An excellent technical workers, the existence of which is often irreplaceable, but it seems that marketing workers are easily replaced. What do you think about this? What do you think is the core competitiveness of the marketing workers?

and discuss the core competitiveness of marketing workers, it is better to talk about how to become a top Internet marketing talent.

in traditional industries, marketing personnel by the attention, often because the traditional industry is very heavy, in the market and operation flow, restricted channel, limited to sales revenue, which rely on marketing talents to develop important market and sales; in the product and technology, product cycle is long, the technology of gold is relatively low, and by products technology market is very difficult to pry. Then, in the traditional industries, the development of the most successful is often marketing talent, many traditional industry bosses are market or from sales, general sales manager is a project manager in command, a few ceos.

to the Internet industry, and technical personnel become hot, on the one hand because of the scarcity of reason, the technology and products Internet plus talent suddenly become very scarce, scarcity will inevitably lead to enhance the value of. ; on the other hand, gold technology is greatly improved, making the technology driven market as possible, while the market spread is undergoing tremendous changes, and to accelerate the spread of word-of-mouth events, the channel is gradually weakening, and marketing the role of people is gradually weakening.

can be said, from traditional marketing to Internet marketing, has undergone tremendous changes. Face the difference between traditional marketing and Internet marketing, is a prerequisite for a top Internet marketing talent.

thinking determines success or failure, to become an Internet marketing talent, which must have a mind?

traffic thinking

traffic is always one of the core competitiveness of Internet companies, Jingdong and Tencent, 58 and Tencent, are eyeing the flow of Tencent. No flow of Internet products, it can only be from hi.

to do traffic, we must understand where the flow, which flows the best quality, the overall market flow how much.

traffic is done, not to come out. A lot of people say that search marketing is not good, I give an example, the United States Lele every year in the SEM is the one billion level, a home to sell. Like some of the large chain of plastic surgery hospital, is to rely on SEM from a small clinic to dozens of national chain. There are some do finance, only vote WeChat large, a year spent billions.

to do before the flow, you need to figure out who the user is, the behavior of user access to information, the flow of the channel. Take finance for example, if our product door >

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