blog today, in fact, the use and purpose has been divided, a log type, purely to record life and display some content. Another type of marketing. Some people think that the so-called marketing blog refers to the sale of goods or the introduction of the blog to make money, it is clearly a deviation in understanding. In fact, the hope that through the blog to get revenue or gain fame and thus derive the value of the blog, can be regarded as marketing blog.


soft Wen refers to the form of payment to make the blog author to sponsor the topic, of course, soft Wen also appeared in various sites on the traditional media, which is no surprise. All along, the role of soft Wen on the blog, many bloggers as a blog for the harm. Some people think that blogging is a good thing, but the soft will destroy the young media. But I beg to differ. When you think the blog is becoming a media, from the media point of view, advertising is also a kind of information. So the blog marketing objective is to become the main part of. The soft Wen also become an integral part of the blog marketing.

opponents think soft is a kind of harm to the reader. However, the blog itself is a carrier of a certain kind of information dissemination, soft Wen is also so. Selling counterfeit drugs will be hit, so is the fake propaganda. Blog media, not because it is a new form of media, it gives a stronger sense of responsibility. Do not have to doubt the reader’s cognitive ability for advertising, not to mention the current author in writing soft Wen, most likely will be noted that the topic of advertising, which is a popular way in the Chinese blog. On the other hand, it is also responsible for readers.

soft hand provides an opportunity for businesses to display products, on the other hand, provides a blogger for a way of earning money. Why not?.

on the other hand. According to the data provided by some of the more profitable bloggers, soft Wen is only a small part of the profits. Relative to the sale of links and commodities, the price of soft is negligible.

more blog experts believe that the future of the effective way to make a blog profit, is to sell goods and services as the theme of the blog, although this kind of blog may be less. If you can achieve the benefits through the soft, so that the blog is more interested in adhering to the blog of the road, soft, not necessarily how to ruin the blog.

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