here is a website to promote new writing, write a summary of what is before others, master can skip, if nothing can see, oh


site want to quickly get traffic or Baidu included, the best way is to promote Baidu, Baidu can now have several promotion places: Post Bar, know, Wikipedia (personal space, only learn these). A. know promotion, here is to identify the best search, keyword, question and answer. For example, this time Lin Yuan fried very fire, and I made a "China Warren Lin Yuan fry e-book download", Baidu "Warren Lin Yuan", "Lin Yuan fry" in fifth, "Lin Yuan fry" third, "the first row of Lin Yuan stock book, number IP to day is quite substantial the. B. Post Bar promotion, here is the fastest flow, see Post Bar list:, what is the most fire inside to find what content, do comprehensive entertainment and there is good, the hottest place in general can control more powerful, the risk is relatively large. C. space, here is a long, AD safety coefficient is very high, can be combined with Post Bar propaganda, the ad space in Post Bar send address space, AD content is best and the title match, with a link to what the problem is not great. My space, every day there are activities Baidu search over to the site to bring traffic is relatively substantial. D. encyclopedia promotion, here is a new place, identify the popular words, bring traffic is also very impressive.

2, Forum promotion also is to get traffic is very fast, the content of quality (best original, not original to update the web site, plus some of his own ideas, think of a strange) or others interested in the topic, or what the fire for what content, you can view the list:, Baidu cloud for popularity high rank top forum, or popular forum posts need to master the skills, you can go to the major forum to learn how others posting the details of the website are everywhere, still should pay attention to the practice, because someone in the forum to promote themselves, not how to study here, provided the forum message, no personal feeling for the wonderful.

3 group promotion, here is the promotion of network, common tools group: Skype, QQ, MSN, email, Skype bawanghua, QQ group is now the effect is not very good, easy to IP, but when the group can try a QQ number out that QQ wrote on the website address.

4, QQ chat room, this market is people do bad, the effect is better than before, with the flow through sex registration or texting, software download friends can look to others how to operate, one will see.

5, network promotion, fire seems to be a period of time, now go downhill, your site can be good articles >

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