Taobao and WeChat irreconcilable opposed to everyone knows it. Although Taobao has its own "contacts", but non direct users who will be shopping every day with the communication and the people around you? In addition, people around are using WeChat, you let me use contacts?

so many players are still reluctant to give up WeChat Taobao this marketing tool. To tell the truth, although micro-blog in social hot when the explosive force is large, but he had no effect of WeChat’s exclusive circle of friends, the result is the conversion rate is not high, often about 1000000 fans forwarded a commodity produced by the conversion rate of less than 0.1%, not to mention the zombie fans occupy you much share this WeChat you know? Different proportion of zombie fans is significantly low.

here to talk about Taobao players play WeChat.

initial stage

1, the player must first open a public number, where the proposed subscription number, service number is behind the matter

2, do not come up with advertising, otherwise your fans will always be maintained below 100 or zero

3, try to use their own circle of friends forwarding. Such as planning some activities, such as forwarding send XX. Attention to send XX

4, WeChat fans can be classified by region. Your information can be a regional promotion.

5, don’t give up money. You release "attention and forwarding" send samples or small packaging items in your circle of friends, it costs nothing, equal to buy fans. And it’s still very cheap

6, collect user information. Your activities can not be planned, must pay attention to the user’s information on the phone. For example, after the attention of the public number WeChat reply his name and phone number to get gifts.

user data collection

can not do without planning.

first if you are selling cosmetics, then the user is concerned about your public number after the need to reply skin + sex + age + name + phone number to get gifts

if you are selling children’s clothing, then the user needs to respond to the child’s age + sex + height + phone number + parent phone number to get a gift

if you are interested in selling products, then the user needs to reply XXXX. You think about it, I’m embarrassed to say

any marketing activities are not overnight, the need for planning, and you need to find ways to get some user information. Finally, you need to spend some money. That is nonsense behavior too stingy to pull out a hair to make money.

user trial

when you collect a few fans, you need to do the user test

public number remember not to publish information every day. Can release the next day, or it will be easy to powder.

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