Internet era, everywhere is the media, if you like, the brand can also have a "private plots" — from the media. Micro-blog, WeChat, Taobao page, APP…… So, how to tell a good story?

NewBalance told a story of "Jonathan Lee" to the originality, the brand style and a sharp rise in

Chu orange tells a story of Zhu Shijian will be old but vigorous, other oranges fall several hundreds of thousands on thousands of


Wang Shi told the story of a mountain climbing, save three hundred million of the cost of advertising for Vanke

Haier only told a story hit the refrigerator, so that people know Haier, I believe the quality of Haier products

Coca-Cola recipe story lets people always remember its unique taste…

if the diamond itself as a brand, it said on twentieth Century a best story, "a diamond is forever, forever", has since become true to the core love witness. What is more attractive and more interesting than a wonderful story?

English content marketing popular word called storytelling, literally translated into Chinese is "storytelling". The essence of marketing, is to express their own stories with others loved the way, stimulate the audience’s interest in reading, the key to build a bridge between brands and customers.

what were we talking about when we were telling a story?

‘s best company tells two stories to build a strong and enduring brand. One is the creation of the story, the focus is the company’s entrepreneurial legend; a customer impact story, is about the company’s products, services to people’s lives and the positive impact of change. A distinctive theme, personalized characters, rich and conflicting details are indispensable plot, empathy.

good story good marketing

nobody to listen to the truth, the best a little story. This has nothing to do with the status of human intelligence, the "story" and "friends" have their own audiences, airport financial magazine also by business stories for white-collar workers Master revel.

Disney cartoon created Mickey Mouse and Tang Laoya, in which the mouse into Mickey Mouse conversion concept. The general impression of the rat is not to make people like it. But Mickey Mouse is not the same, although all the mice, but it can bring people happiness, can get most people’s love and good impression – Mickey Mouse on the formation of brand.

and the process is to change the story. There is a wonderful story behind every successful brand. Any successful brand, are very good at telling stories, they know how to brand the history, connotation, spirit to consumers meanders, and in imperceptible >

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