micro business, a word that has been repeatedly mentioned. In the dawn of the mobile Internet is too many people with hope. It is not difficult to understand, in the face of the wave of mobile Internet development, we always want to be included in the business domain, or how to say is "full use"? But the basic concept of the most prosperous micro business is still WeChat, as the leading social tools, WeChat is incomparable in the concern and included on and this is caused by the derivative of the concept of speculation. Only when all the noise are fading, we judge it derivative of the future, we will find that WeChat is only a graft point derivative development, how to better development depends on not only that, but the current situation, objective factors of micro business industry are quite numerous. Although he is not a derivative of the participants, but there are still some electricity supplier for my humble opinion, I have some ideas for the micro business concept.

micro business to find their own foothold. The concept of micro business was put forward by more WeChat, so it makes a lot of people blindly believe that micro chamber is the next Taobao. In fact, the problem is not so simple, micro business has to be based on the mobile Internet can achieve more efficient payment, but in other products began to expand the field of mobile, micro business advantage is no imagination of so big, but compared to other products, micro business more does not have a suitable foothold. Is the integrated platform, the Taobao mobile phone, or popular demand based on the circle of friends, some simple things to give you, so far there is no reasonable micro business location, you may think the derivative need not think so much, step by step, but I want to say the Internet resources and the opportunity is limited, how to play the first shot, is very important for many products.

micro business is the most serious wound product quality. The largest wound derivative lies in the quality of their products, many people do not want to stockpile open micro shop, then micro business, but even own the source of the goods are not carefully screened to bring such practices will be consumer complaints, it is understood that in the micro shop the new balance shoes are ten eight or nine Putian foundry, along with the development of network society, people know the truth, will choose the micro shop? At the same time, in other categories, snacks is the second largest output, but even some snacks from the electricity supplier sales do not know where the sources from reading, the lack of supervision, lack of legal supervision of sales behavior, it is worrying, not to mention the quality problem of derivative recent frequent storm, more influence the micro business sales, in the end, if the quality of micro business still continued before , it is estimated that their survival time is not long, after all, the real needs of consumers or quality assurance products,

micro business market has tended to load. When the micro business started to make money, a lot of people follow the trend into, in addition to micro business propaganda, bring the herding is a large number of sellers influx, but shortly before the derivative of this market is saturated, the market micro business circle is not a matter of fact, first in first, and later sold >

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