believe that either marketing or network marketing and so on all cannot do without a problem is their own ideas for any marketing for me, in this carefully before finishing yourself for this industry but also because we are more likely to be aware of some of the occupation disease, from the adjustment after the discovery of the industry as well as things to do more to understand, and then also repeated exploration methods, before wanted to do is SEO keywords ranking, today I found that I was wrong, because I always value a process but it overlooked a very important thing is the result, because no matter how hard you do the process. Then we have the purpose of nothing, so in the end is two words "white hard" Oh of course a joke, in fact, for things to do We must be very clear, it is what you want to do, you must know why you want to do, what is the result of doing so, and risks, our market in what place, our competitors in what place, our profit point in what place, we customers in what place, what our customers need, what they can get from me, what we can provide to them, what kind of network marketing promotion is more suitable for us, I believe many of my friends like now very confused, found in many training, attended many lectures, things, but to finally, what has not been found himself, in fact there are such a result is also not surprising, because a lot of things we have in understanding, for example Many websites simply not suitable for SEO optimization, but only to flow to do to the end result is really bad, like the last couple of many master lectures in the valley, down many students ask me, just like what the teacher says is not suitable for me. For example, he said outside, I found that I was doing this education seems to be very difficult to operate, in fact, these are many, but I want to say is, whether you attend training or join the lecture, so they tell you are some of the ways and methods and thinking. Really hope you can through different learning to finally summed up a set of suitable time promotion, do not always follow the footsteps of others to go to the end, you will find yourself what are not, because they can do things may not be suitable for you too.

choose to do the right thing

SEO now and I contacted many friends every day in the heart of search engine optimization and operation, in fact, now want to write things really are not many, because the idea is very important, whether you are using any kind of marketing way or method, then the results are the same, we must choose a way belong to our own operations in the SEO, search engine marketing market more and more competition in the future is also more and more fierce, through their many detours before this, because of the SEO in the first but ignore the users feel finally found themselves even ranked first, but the customer is not ranked.

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