is currently filled with app is generally impetuous and redundant, is human imagination opinionated "solve the user pain points, and truly meet the needs of users, do not exaggerate the App should be small and beautiful, does not cause too much trouble to the user.


some time ago to see an article, the author holds that "app ecology has become saturated, the product has no necessary frequency to the development of the app, in favor of the development of WeChat public number (future application number) will be the best choice." On WeChat and app for a simple definition: to meet user demand to develop a complete, WeChat message or web application based on the entrance is a public number, the user does not need to leave WeChat to complete all operations, all needs are being met in the public number.

personally, WeChat public number in addition to itself as promotional channels (such as from the media), some interface services and service provided by itself (such as China Merchants Bank service number), more suitable for the application is small and beautiful. Recently, the discovery of a subscription number – Accounting robot, just in line with the definition of this WeChat app.

accounting robot

accounting robot is a kind of accounting class WeChat public number, its function is very simple, just enter the cost of each input in the chat window, it will help you count your spending. For example:


accounting robot accounting example

robot will extract the numbers to help you record. After each payment is sent to the robot, the statistics will be received, and the total cost and the daily average value will be returned.

accounting analysis based on usage requirements

according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, I think that accounting behavior as the existence of different levels to meet the demand, I called the accounting demand level, roughly divided into three levels: basic demand, demand demand, high demand. In fact, each iteration of the App update is an iterative solution that satisfies the user’s higher requirements.

1 basic needs of accounting

The basic needs of

accounting is to meet our consumer spending statistics, which is the demand for consumption of water statistics. Simply said, is that I want to know every day I spent much money every month, this is one of the demands of the user account behavior is the most basic and the most core.

at present, all the accounting class App can meet this demand, but with the increase in the number of users per App, in order to improve their product competitiveness, the function is also becoming more and more complex. I believe that all accounting class App initial billing practices, "what the consumer how much money to spend, namely consumption + amount, can complete a consumer records", but the development of today, a record amount of spending, can record the detail as far as possible.

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