through the entrance to the search engine, is precisely the user, this is not justified?

otherwise, where there are so many people have wrapped up the money, go to Baidu at the door of their home, to fight Baidu


search value, is how big! You know.

360 search market share, there should be a,

I do, in the 10.1 holiday time, accidentally used a 360 search (no use, I do not like the 360 search, really not allowed),


, let me this Laoyanhunhua old man found a little something to talk about -360,


has always wanted to do 360 IM, but there is no way, Tencent in the powerful, 3Q war, were almost Tencent to dry Shen,

these 360 buddies do, never give up the spirit, you see his search market share up, and secretly the whole of this talk,

I understand that they want to search through the search engine to attract people to a theme, do a person to person communication and exchanges.

this product from my point of view, basically not much drama. However, there is no drama and we have little to do, and now he still has some resources,


powder is one of the most important point is to find the high traffic areas, exposing our information, which means that belong to the original powder bait.

360 search traffic, which is not false, that the user as long as the search to talk about XXX, this search will lead to the flow of about 360,

I do, see the picture above has been in use of this tool to guide people, I also went to the big star Yang Mi look:


did not see, the right side of a lot of people, this time, is it possible to add me? It is true that some people will add me, I am a VIP student, made a, then there are 5 people add him,

of course, he talked about what the hair, hair, what I do not say, there are skills. Of course, if say, we can not be copied, not on the


I give you point out today, a channel, the other we can play it ~ ~ I only provide ideas, this is right!

, if you want me to help you with the powder, you’re going too far. Unless you’re willing to pay me a fee. Haha ~~~

I have a dry cargo, the 360 talk about how many people? How can we get more


is here, please look at the picture. Do you understand?

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