company to do a short message marketing for a long time, the customer’s inquiry and inevitable common things. Customers are most concerned about is the price problem, many companies are in the price war. To win customers.

this period of time, I often receive customer’s phone, the customer said what the Internet to see other places is 1 points a few, a few points of the 2, how you are the 6 points ah, too high. After listening to the customer’s doubts, we can only be patient and explain the reasons, as the saying goes, only to buy the wrong, did not sell the wrong, a price of goods, these are the hard truth.

for customers, or to learn more about some of the SMS marketing information, do careful judgment. SMS marketing price depends on several factors, unscrupulous companies usually do not and customers say so thorough, just be sure what can be done, he is the best in fact many obscure true information. There are three aspects of SMS marketing price trap:

1, the price of the card, posing as a gateway to send, card issued (virtual phone number) is usually illegal, because it does not go to the operator’s channel, the information content can not be monitored. This kind of price is usually very low, but the customer does not understand, and the card arrival rate is lower than the gateway sent.

2, the amount of deduction, which is the unspoken rules of the industry, the contract is signed 100 thousand text messages, the actual hair to the customer a 50 thousand. In this case, the service provider can certainly give you a very low price, it is Quejinshaoliang.

3, with no data, data quality. SMS marketing is a very important piece of data, some with no data, so the price is low, and some use the software to generate phone numbers to pretend to be precise data, so the price can also be greatly reduced.

SMS marketing market, there exists information asymmetry, so that buyers do not stare at this price, to fully understand and compare carefully, don’t fall into the price trap of the businessman, and finally lose the wife of another soldier.

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