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Chinese enterprise network awareness is not enough, the country has a website companies less than 30% and there are quite a number of informal sites, such as many enterprises only company website, branch or branch is not independent of the site, some just open a page in an e-commerce portal. The enterprise also is that enterprise website is just a decoration, not what practical use, even if the enterprise website is only to tokenism, that people have their own also have, rarely or never built updates, don’t even say the promotion, the results must be empty. The results of such a firm after the firm’s own subjective understanding: the site is useless.

the main reason lead to this phenomenon is the current site in China market it is difficult or impossible to bring real benefits to the enterprise, but this is not a normal phenomenon, that is to say, if put to good use, can bring benefits for the enterprise, even more than the next line transactions. This situation is very common in foreign countries, many enterprises through the network to expand the national and global market, many companies even give up the line of the market, to devote to do online transactions, eBay is a typical example of a year the amount of online transactions is now more than tens of billions of dollars, China. and the annual turnover is very alarming. The international well-known companies, such as Samsung, SONY, general electric and other companies in the network trading volume is very large. Network transactions in previous years are American companies, because of the above, when the U.S. Internet users accounted for half the number of global Internet users today, Chinese amid a surge in the number of network users, network transactions and increasing the size, China’s enterprises should not ignore this emerging and strong potential transactions. Because, in the fast social environment, time and convenience factor has been the consumer as the important consumer costs, there are too many users looking through the network can quickly understand and buy the goods they need, and companies have ignored this demand. From the trading volume of Taobao, Dangdang, Amazon and other amazing shop every day you can see the huge potential of online transactions, and from our country enterprise website most no network function even order message system, we can see our website to disregard the value.

so how to make a website that can effectively promote the enterprise and product information and can bring real transactions?.

1, the website function should not flashy without substance

now many enterprise web site is very large, and the function is complete, that in order to attract popularity, in fact, do not have to spend a lot of money in the construction site, and the function is too much will make viewers dazzling, at a loss. Please check your company’s Web site, there are a lot of features from no one has used it?. So, the website not seeking, not perfection, but the most practical function. Try to make the page clean and simple, clear at a glance, this will increase the target visitors use the website >

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