I have a friend, to open the company, the main business is to develop some large enterprise financial software company has more than and 50 people, the scale and Kingdee, UFIDA company that thousands of people than it is very small.

in spite of this, the friend is particularly fond of doing one thing — please visit the company.

that makes me wonder, in my impression, invite customers to visit, are generally big companies or large factories will do, the customer to fully automated assembly line on their natural look, feel the strength of the company.

so I asked this friend: "your company is not too big, why did you invite customers to visit the company? Afraid of some large customers


friend replied: "I think so, let alone take the initiative to ask the customer to the company, is sometimes said their customers to visit the company, we are looking for reasons to shirk. But then I want to understand the matter, only to change the idea. Do you know what it is? "

didn’t wait for me to open my mouth. My friend gave me a bad laugh".


why do many men like the temptation of uniforms?

because in a man’s fantasy, the uniform represents a particular group of people and not just a person, when his girlfriend wearing a stewardess uniforms, as if the world’s air hostesses are serving him.


film "Chongqing forest" | Tony Leung said: every plane, there must be a stewardess that you want to bubble

so, the temptation of uniforms, in fact, is a manifestation of the desire of men.

woman to meet the man’s desire to be able to seize the man, and if an enterprise to meet the customer’s desire, is not also able to get the customer’s favor?

then I also is so, just say this thing right around the company, company of friends is very small, but the customer to the company, to bring customers to the development, testing, customer service and other departments to do a meeting with clients and senior, ask what the customer needs in particular, arrange technical backbone with customers in an industry report.

this process down, the customer will feel that we are in the company for his services, which will satisfy the customer’s desire, the transaction rate will naturally increase.

line sales are also reflected in the company visited the customer, after the communication will be much smoother than before. So now friends will ask sales in the conditions permit, try to invite customers to visit the company.


this friend from the temptation of the temptation to discuss the idea of business management is very good, in fact, summed up in one sentence – as long as you meet >

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