note: Kong Lingbo hunting cloud around 2010, he and his classmates founded the meal Xingjian conducted second financing, new product electronic menu after the listing, CCTV, "Global Times" and other media followed. However, two years later, free to the restaurant’s electronic ordering equipment has mostly fallen, the company’s money is not spent on the book. At this point, the scale has been expanded to more than and 140 people. He left the line, do not know what the new employees are doing.

now, the company has been transformed to do chain catering enterprise cloud ERP system, enterprise valuation reached 1 billion yuan. Kong Lingbo and students share nearly ten years of entrepreneurial process. He made no secret of tread pit, crossed the Kaner, fall falls. This article from the legend of the star (micro signal: legendstar1), dictated by Kong Lingbo, Qiu Rui finishing.

even if I finally is a beggar, also can let me entrepreneurial decision is in Haidian District, or to "

in Xuanwu District

2006, I resigned from Peking university. That year, marriage, resignation, entrepreneurship.

I may not have the same reason to start a business. Others may have been thinking about what to do or to achieve a goal, and I think that the road ahead is not for me. Like some people love the mountains, some people love mountains; some rules of preference, some risk preference. Working in school is a mature path, a step on a step, can see the future, and I prefer to face uncertainty, release their potential and personality.

our business is the bottom line, even if I finally beg, at least I can decide is in Haidian District, or in Xuanwu District. This is written in the year just started writing in the minutes of the meeting.

at the end of 2006, four people get together to drink and chat in a rented house, a few drinks, unanimously decided to venture into practice talking. Each took out 8000, together as a start-up capital of $32000. The 8000 was the head. We want to start the business is to create value, 32000 spent, there is no way to survive, so even if the. There is a capacity structure for the problem is not suitable for entrepreneurship.

4 of our partners are related to computer science graduate from Beijing University, the other 3 people were in foreign companies, have a good job. At first I quit my job, while others started to work. We were also very positive to want to come out. I said you don’t quit, so if I fail, I’ll have to look for a job. So as a boss, you should first consider the interests of others, so that cooperation can be stable.

partners should be based on complementary capabilities, rather than a simple value resonance. This is a bit different from the current mainstream argument. Ability based complementarity is easier to find suitable partners. At the beginning of the business as long as there is a common goal and ability to complement

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