"micro-blog" to my personal understanding, there are several major functions.

one is enterprise propaganda and information release;

two is to build enterprise image of the true to life, such as those companies do advertising, is a position for himself, which embodies a kind of emotion;

three is user observation, market research, crisis PR;

four is the activity planning and promotion, focusing on interaction;

is a corporate publicity and information release, this will be relatively simple, focused on the point is soft down, not similar to the previous enterprise announced that just. Then you are the official website, then some of the industry can be created, such as the tourism industry, a season of popular attractions, a scenic spot need to pay attention to what. Does not require a high frequency, but to have their own more valuable part of the board (similar to the TV’s trump card column), which can enhance the visibility of the industry and the user’s heart for micro-blog authoritative recognition.

two is to build enterprise image for the enterprise true to life, create feelings, begin to understand that our overall website, the overall product really need to give the user a sense of what. To make a relatively simple example, a major consumer products for the adolescent, the company spokesperson is certainly like the young people like SJ-M. Similarly, micro-blog needs to show an active, positive attitude. A is for mature consumer products, such as you sell Swiss watches, then your micro-blog shows is a kind of wisdom, a depth and unmoved either by gain or loss. How to express this attitude. Hot to actively participate in, to give yourself a unique social hot spicy commentary, then buy V forwarding, holding each other – wise big V forwarding time to praise, said the micro-blog OK Butler network comments unique and powerful as in the past what blablabla. Think about why you think someone is active or intelligent. Then put your feelings on the right, pay attention to the way into micro-blog. At the same time also need external communication and customer service and unity, you are a boy or you ebullience is a wise middle-aged man, keep the sense of substitution. Select the

company internal activities or staff work and life is also a good dynamic.

three is user observation, market research, public relations crisis, for the user to observe and study the crisis, we must first understand the operation of the main ideas, we are the same, micro-blog operates only a part or a carrier. So our observation and analysis is to serve the global goals. And this is not a short-term thing, is a long-term analysis. Simple example. If we build our own unique product portfolio. For example, Hainan +5 Star Hotel + tickets + tickets. So we need a lot of things, such as last March and March this year to go to Hainan to go to Hainan and keyword frequency is higher, the word referred to groups about age range, whether you want to enjoy more high-end services. >

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