there is a love called Riliwanji, faster product updates. There are 1 minutes from the time to go to work at the time of 30 minutes, the black eye of the Department of R & D department handed over a small piece of paper. Although only five words, but small series still smell the breath flowing in the air of abuses.

dynamic interface cool very

version of the new micro interface ushered in the earth shaking changes. A new dynamic interface, very cool, each button, each element is endowed with vitality. The face of the Hollywood big effects, wrapped in a thick high force fan, so that fans of the mind and body are a blow: originally this world that is so chuchentuosu fun!

lively and vivid, new senses, good to hear or see, let the fans hesitate to join the army of micro power. Merchants suck powder easier, sticky powder easier!

head slide promotional Tim Tim

in addition, the new version of the micro power interface designed for businesses for head slides and promotional title is also business promotion, Feng Shui, can support the custom upload pictures, editing, but also add a link. How to use, you must have the heart, not small.

statistical data in detail clear

after the revision of the new micro boost the data statistics function, real-time statistics of the data. Fans can view their rankings on the interface, the current boost value, forwarding number, help ranking TOP10, who help me and other data. Clear data presentation allows fans to better understand their micro power process, and thus more hard to forward activities. Business advertising is also in the fans forwarding of explosive spread out in.


full power machine

pig CMS version of the micro power also added a countdown function. Countdown function can increase the sense of urgency of the fans, prompting fans to actively participate and actively forward. Although it is a full of "scheming" movement, but the micro marketing for businesses, but can not be ignored the function design of ~


custom marketing key points

high-quality sharing is also the key point of business marketing. Micro power to share the title is attractive, to a large extent determine the user in the circle of friends to see the activities of the sharing, whether you will click on the link to get further information. The new version of the micro power to add a custom sharing function, allowing businesses to grasp the initiative of micro marketing, give full play to the energy of the universe, creating eye-catching share slogan.

obviously, the new version of the micro power marketing application – this is a circle of powder + viral. Businesses can set their own awards and activities of the rules, according to the end of the event after the help list, the final winner of the selection. Rich prizes, fun activities, continue to attract a large number of fans to participate and forward. Detonated WeChat circle of friends, simply can not stop!

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