according to foreign research survey and the foreign land Internet show: companies receive the same income, relative to traditional marketing tools, network marketing tools for the investment of only 1/10, can be 5 to 8 times from traditional marketing tool information to speed, that Inner Mongolia’s top Internet service providers new Internet bank, in the use of network access to information users, a higher proportion of business users with traditional marketing tool users. The Inner Mongolia company and the company’s investment in the promotion of the site is less pitiful. Visible, in the era of network economy, the most effective and most economical means of marketing is the network marketing, by its Hohhot, Baotou and two or three cities, the role is more direct and effective. Whether the traditional Inner Mongolia enterprises can make use of the Internet to create business opportunities, reduce costs and improve competitiveness is the key to the success of the global economic integration in the future.

however, in the Internet era, the role of network marketing not only has its positive side, but also has a negative side. Coupled with our information control range, intensity, Internet users access to information is not too smooth, some websites are starting to stir up topic in the network tide, the concern is related to some "beauty marketing" as a case, the network marketing offensive means does not shy.

for beauty marketing, a variety of network push hand is the marketing channel. Because the operation mode is relatively simple, easy to implement, those most in need of marketing, the results of the most fancy companies have joined this marketing model.

due to the promotion and speculation through the low cost, good results. If the operation when, a brand can get great promotion in a very short time, attracted a lot of attention.

, however, due to the country to carry out remediation of Internet vulgar wind special action has been so that beauty marketing into vulgar". So, continue to use the "beauty marketing" means may have a negative impact to the enterprise brand, because the negative effects of "vulgar", for the enterprise brand is a kind of potential harm, is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise, some intelligent enterprise to rethink planning such a network marketing.

of course, as Inner Mongolia enterprises, network marketing and promotion of many ways. New Zealand Internet connection, as long as the benefits of branding, brand image has a positive impact. We need not adhere to the traditional promotion methods, imagination, creative


nevertheless, compared to traditional media, the advantages of network marketing is very obvious. Its low cost, wide audience, high efficiency of communication are the advantages of network marketing, enterprises want to develop their own blue ocean, it is necessary to carry out low-cost marketing. In the Internet era, who can grasp the pulse of network marketing, who will be able to get the opportunity.

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