Liang Yu had to remove a foray into the comprehensive B2C business plan from the work backlog folder. He is a company specializing in the management of cosmetics e-commerce company, the company originally intended to cosmetics as the core to the expansion of the daily necessities, and ultimately made the whole category of life online supermarket.

now he and his boss had to give up the plan. A few days ago, the mall Jingdong ( announced a $500 million financing, build a high threshold for the B2C industry, the later stopped at the door. For the newly established two small companies, the future almost can only continue in the field of cosmetics in the "forced" intensive and meticulous farming.

Liang Yu "clearly, as a latecomer, if not get the same level of investment, it is impossible to achieve the competition and Jingdong mall sales more than ten billion, which means there is no substantial rebate, advertising and profit. In front of them there are only two ways, or raise prices, or Jingdong mall price war. The former means that the loss of customers, the latter may be able to let themselves indefinitely into the current state of Jingdong Mall: loss.

Who is the most money

now on the Internet industry? Is no longer a video website, is integrated in B2C electronic commerce. The current size of the financing Jingdong mall is almost, "once the burn video website leading company Youku listed three times before financing $160 million.


B2C industry e-commerce companies mostly cut from a category, the formation of a strong position to extend to other areas, such as Dangdang has become China’s largest book sales channels. So is the Jingdong store, starting in 2004 2007 to enter the digital computer products, mobile phone, 2008 began to do household appliances and daily necessities, to the 2009 launch of IT services, home appliances and other services, in 2010 began to move cheese – books.

such a path may no longer have the possibility of replication.

latecomers to face more than a high threshold of capital, because the Jingdong has been ahead of the "run" for such a long time, the infrastructure construction will be completed early shipments procurement cost is low for the Challenger price war, while Jingdong mall market visibility is high, then get the new user cost will be much higher than the Jingdong store. "If I have to spend 5 dollars on average to get a new user, but Jingdong mall may need only 5 hair." Liang Yu said helplessly.

, as Chen Hu, vice president of music Amoy network said, if you get an early start in a field two years ago, it will be difficult for latecomers to catch up."

is the B2C for vertical website all concerned, President Li Shubin the future major problem facing them is how to continue to maintain rapid growth, two investors investment Intel had bought the music. If in the past, CEO may

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