electricity supplier penetration is not high in the three or four line of the city, hundreds of thousands of small stores can be seen everywhere plays an indispensable role, they contributed to the shipments of all retail channels of 40%. This is the strategic point for the electricity supplier giant Alibaba Jingdong next.


source: Vision China

, you got this beer." A customer picked up two cans of German Valentin, and said to Yu Weibo at the checkout.

Yu Weibo is Sichuan Deyang people, he and his wife opened a small shop in the neighborhood, he took the name after the name of two words – "Wei Bo convenience store".

This is the

in the three or four line of the city common community convenience stores, however, is such a store, but the electricity supplier giants as a strategic location for the next.

at the end of 2015, the Jingdong announced the establishment of a new pathway of division, then in 2016 the Alibaba launched Ali retail platform, the two giants of the action the same goal: for a retail store launched a one-stop shopping platform. This also marks that Jingdong and Ali is no longer completely locked in the eyes of the C end users, but also began to force the B end user.

they want to do, is to let the small retail stores across the layers of channels, through its platform to buy enough genuine brand, or even foreign products. Yu Wei Bo shop is a Jingdong specializing in German beer from purchase to buy software dispensers on the treasure.

electricity supplier giants before and after the practice is different: in recent years, they are committed to the super, fresh, sea Amoy moved online, as far as possible to skip all the intermediate links directly to the customer goods sold.

but the superior electricity supplier company also learned down to earth, decided to sell goods to shop, small supermarket in the street is not so eye-catching stores. And one of the important reasons is that the traditional sales channels in the small supermarket, convenience store is still an important line outlet.

according to the data provided by Kay of the retail, the China market has nearly 700 thousands of similar "Wei Bo retail" couples wife shops, convenience stores, shops face such a large number of shipments contributed 40% of all retail channels. Especially in the electricity supplier penetration is not high three or four lines of the city, this ubiquitous convenience store still plays an indispensable role.

, however, although these stores for shipments in terms of "pivotal", but in fact, they are often in a passive position in the purchase process.

usually, Yu Wei Bo will take the initiative to go to the wholesale market purchase or call wholesalers, dealer orders, etc. they arrange to send. But the disadvantage is that these practices, under the traditional sales channels, Yu Wei Bo who need to run different wholesalers purchase, or do not hit the same phone to get all the stores need products. For the shop owner, the purchase is a time-consuming, tedious things >

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