] June 20th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, pat Network has publicly announced that with the new pat Network test version officially launched, pat also officially launched a large-scale investment activities.

According to

billion state power network to understand, from June 20th to June 26th, pat Network will be 11 in the city to carry out continuous gathering of the 13 investment talks, in order to attract sellers settled in large scale.


said Pat, this investment will focus on the characteristics of focused on the origin of goods, will combine the advantages of different city industrial clusters, to carry out targeted recruitment businesses, such as the Linyi baby toys, Suzhou delicacy wine, outdoor sports, Quanzhou Shenzhen vehicle accessories and jewelry and Wenzhou footwear bags, clothing accessories and other Tongxiang will be the focus of this investment will be the pat on the line.

It is reported that

, pat Network earlier this month issued a new investment policy, put forward C businesses free of charge commitment. This line of investment will be, for the origin of the medium and small businesses, proposed a "huge flow of large subsidies, free, stable policy platform, support micro shop, Q environment, open mobile future", "Jingdong Tencent double endorsement, effective access to new users, convenient tools, shop costs the" Jingdong ", distribution, experience, low price" six policies.


pat Network said, vigorously carry out the origin of investment mainly for several purposes: first, the new pat established the business principles of "integrity management, do not sell fake" in the planning stage, the origin of investment can ensure product quality and business quality, ensure that the interests of consumers; the second is the origin of industrial cluster effect among merchants, can promote each other, promote each other, can lead to the demonstration effect; the third is a lot of origin are now facing pressure to upgrade the industrial structure transformation, pat provides from the origin to the full set of e-commerce solutions in the hands of consumers.

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