recently, Boston Yankee Group market research company released a research report shows that the end of 2004, in North America, there are 34% small and medium-sized enterprises have used the Internet to sell their products or services, in addition, there are 25% enterprises carried out by Internet sales work in 12 months. Online sales in the United States accounted for 4.8% of GDP in 2004, this figure continues to grow. This means that if your company does not attach importance to this important channel of sales and marketing, you will miss the opportunity.

as the basic form of network marketing website is a lot of published on the Internet, for people to browse, full of text, pictures and electronic documents of the composition of the web. Your site what? You can be a point of sale, a marketing channel, an image tool, a brand promotion channel, an information center, a center for the promotion of new products as your website and so on. When you plan to build a website, you should focus on your online strategy, keep in mind two things: your online goals and your potential browser.

common company website classification

a, information provided:

now the vast majority of enterprise website are of this type, corporate brochure these sites actually like the traditional. The target can be:

1, the promotion of the company: to provide a lot of information related to the company. For example, a stock company would need a website like this. The site usually includes: company history, related news, mission statement, important project introduction and faq. In such a site, the picture is only a supplement to the text, of course, you can also have video and FLASH, etc..

2, promotional products and services: a drug company that needs to promote its newly developed drugs can build a website to promote its new products. The purpose of this promotion is to enhance the visibility of the company’s products or services.

3, the establishment of a brand: a distribution channel through the sale of products manufacturing companies can build a website to provide official information and enhance brand awareness of the product. It is a supplement to the company’s brand building.

two, e-commerce

to online sales will use e-commerce website. The main features of such sites include:

1, detailed product or service information, including photos, and sometimes multimedia, drawings and charts.

2, shopping cart – so that buyers can choose one or more goods to buy.

3, payment entry – so that buyers can pay for the products or services they buy.

three, the company door door

this is called the company portal website provides a lot of resources or services. For example, email, forums and companies

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