[editor’s note] which young bromance, which Wen Qing does not come down? 80 famous writer Zhang Jiajia and Qian Chu orange marketing trader Jiang Zhengwen will have such a feeling Qingji the past. A dead also want to be a writer, a dead also want to engage in literature. However, finally able to witness their youth, and bromance years is the Jingdong of all the chips on the crayfish.

Zhang Jiajia, a famous writer of 80, 2013, the creation of the "passing from your world" popular in the country, 6 months after the listing to sell more than 2 million copies, and was selected for the fifth China power list ten books literature books. That year, Zhang Jiajia topped the Chinese writer rich list first. Jiang Zhengwen, founder of the Chu Orange Business Xiaoman, marketing trader, LETV vice president of agriculture.

10 this morning, Sherlock Jingdong crayfish all the chips on the line, launched by the electricity supplier Xiaoman’s name is Jiang Zhengwen, project to help Zhang Jiajia realize the dream of crayfish". Supporters of the proceeds will include: crayfish, crawfish dolls, "Sherlock Sherlock and his friends" book.

Jiang Zhengwen told billion state power network, one of the purpose of this project is to do on the line, a good witness for two bromance for 20 years, so will the volume blessing this name, so there will be a doll and book.

"Lao Tzu to open a Lobster Restaurant, let the whole Chinese shrimp shop to Chen Chen." This is Zhang Jiajia’s senior crayfish powder common spoken language. Zhang Jiajia has a unique secret recipe from crayfish, is more than and 20 years old when he constantly learning to improve. When Zhang Jiajia was not red in 2013, the formula was once much more red than he was. He in the kitchen in Zhang Jiajia often waft bestie their screams "Mom X, leave Lao Tzu".

all the chips is just the beginning of this project, we will be in the future sales of B2C, O2O and other platforms, may also line shop, is called ‘Sherlock and his friends." Jiang Zhengwen introduced to. "Curly Fu is a fast food brand, is the duck week mode + semi finished mode fast food brand."

today Jingdong raised as the first landing project, Jiang Zhengwen considered several factors: one is listed on the Jiangsu lobster at the beginning of June, now all the chips just ahead of the preheating time; the two is to raise the public with the C2B property, convenient according to user feedback and optimization; three is to raise the public Jingdong had many successful cases for intelligent hardware hope this crayfish can be used as a benchmark for food, "is a bonus for us".

but whether it is a Jingdong to raise public or crayfish, also has its challenges in the project itself. Jingdong raised before the project more focused on digital products, intelligent hardware, in the food, especially the lack of success in the field of fresh fruit. On the one hand, with the Jingdong 3C gene, user groups, on the other hand fresh electricity supplier in the distribution, storage and other aspects of the high threshold has also caused the field of deserted. And vertical to the fresh taste of higher class crayfish more difficult.

Jiang Zhengwen explained, in addition to friendship, interest and

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