November 27th, Peking University Alumni Association, Peking University School of information science and technology, University of science and technology development department, University Science and Technology Park and university entrepreneurship Club jointly launched the "organized by the Peking University innovation model contest announced, honey bud CEO Liu Nan won the entrepreneurial role model, with Lining, Zhang Heng, Liu Nan and other 13 with innovation representative and influential alumni entrepreneurs on the podium, to model characters as the clue and the carrier, promote the North innovative spirit and the courage to play, willing to sacrifice the sense of social responsibility.

Liu Nan graduated from the Peking University, the University of Journalism and obtained during the broadcast professional double degree, and a master’s degree in mass communication. How did Liu Nan become a model of influence with the sense of innovation?

2014 is in the same university alumni and young teacher Xu Xiaoping and encourage investment, Liu Nan founded the honey bud – now Chinese largest electricity supplier mother, completed the 5 round of financing, only three years of millions of users, is the industry that is most likely to become the first China vertical electricity supplier valuation broken ten billion yuan.


Curve Wrecker level talented Peking University is not satisfied with the stability of

in the summer of 2002, Liu Nan to Shaanxi college entrance examination liberal arts third results admitted to the school of journalism, Peking University. With the impression that the stereotypical "good student", Liu Nan in the high school participated in the new concept composition contest and won the silver award, Han Han and Guo Jingming are out in this competition.

2006, Liu Nan to the Peking University journalism, art double degree. At the same time, she was sent to 3.9 GPa for the Journalism Department of Peking University graduate, the main direction for mass communication. In 6 years, numerous scholarships and awards have been posted to the Liu Nan school PA + female tag. And set up the first north folk news agency new agency, plus do writer in "Beijing Youth".

graduate student Liu Nan trying to transition, Baidu in practice after a year, Liu Nan graduated from holding a offer: Procter & Gamble Guan Peisheng of market department, tube Pearson, Newegg Baidu pr…… Finally, Liu Nan chose the world’s largest chemical company Dow chemical.

500 full-time white-collar families sell diapers

2010 Liu Nan pregnant, she decided to quit her job to become a full-time mother from a top 500 white-collar workers in the world. "I want to give her the best things" the idea on the then existing shopping channel product quality, quality of anxiety let Liu Nan burst out of commercial acumen, every day with a group of mothers of all maternal maternal and child products in community, and then buy all over the world. "Since I was needed, share it with my mom." From such a simple idea, by the end of 2011, Liu Nan set up a small Taobao shop, with the "sweet bud" as the meaning, named honey bud baby. At first it was fun, I didn’t expect

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