there are nearly a week before the Spring Festival, it is a holiday Chinese the most traditional and most important, because on this day, the family in the remotest corners of the globe will try our best to rush home for the new year. Therefore, the Spring Festival has become the characteristics of our migrations. At the same time, the Spring Festival every family needs to buy some food, or buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, gifts and home appliances, with the electricity supplier in China, many people have as the preferred consumer online shopping. But it is also because the surge in consumer desire, eager to go home and reunite logistics practitioners reduced business, leads to the contradiction between the supply and demand of the logistics is unique, many commercial enterprises began to seek to build their own logistics system in development.

we see after Jingdong, Suning courier license after the United States started preparing to enter the courier field. According to peak express internal executives told reporters that the United States has launched a cooperation and the peak, the United States will be a portion of the money to buy the shares, the acquisition agreement was originally signed in the afternoon, after postponed the signing time. "This is a win-win cooperation." China Express Logistics Advisory Network, said Xu Yong, chief consultant, courier market, dark horse full peak courier needs funds, while the United States need to extend the industrial chain, the development of Personalized express delivery services.

therefore, seeking self logistics system has not only individual business enterprise, it is gradually become the industry trend, even Alibaba also ready to logistics. We believe that the Spring Festival shopping and express the contradiction between supply and demand and not get involved in the logistics business enterprise, but it is definitely a sufficient attention fuse: Sales and third party a business operation is closely related to this is to give up a part of the initiative development.

so, if to build its own logistics system will bring what kind of benefits for the business enterprise? Our Jingdong in the mall for example, as a consumer is of course want to buy the goods quickly and well served his hand. It seems to me that the Jingdong by the mall logistics at least two major advantages:

1, according to the geographical location, in the country to set up several large logistics distribution center, so as to shorten the time across the four corners of the world, as much as possible to save consumers goods transport distance. In the distribution center of the consumer, you can enjoy the next day arrival, or even in the morning orders, the arrival of the afternoon express service;

2, Jingdong’s own delivery system, as much as possible to reduce the contradiction between consumers and courier. In the past, because online shopping is the third party express mainly to delivery, and third party courier qualification uneven, so in practice often encounter theft, damage and other serious incidents, and difficult responsibility. While running the delivery system to fully grasp their own delivery quality, convenient management, reduce the contradiction between consumers and express. This article Admin5 starter, please remember us: Classic shopping mall www.whjdsc.>

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