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" in Wangzhuan this line, veteran; " the word, not too much, modestin should have 2 years of experience, two years since the station " in our business entertainment; 2009" – trouble in the process of www.ylbs888.cn, and to overcome the difficulties, finally it is today daily income of 200 yuan of small, experienced during the groundless talk there is no detail, today is to share with you to years of my Wangzhuan experience —

first is to find the right project. A good project, you can get rid of the novice’s high hat, a good project comes from an executive creative. Many people know more, so many people, has become a waste of creativity, I think that we should all understand, do the network to make money, he does not know how to make money, but also do not believe or suspect the authenticity of the network to make money. See online who earned much money, but also tried to find ways to make money online, but has been afraid of being cheated, did not dare to cross the first step of success. So far have a normal life, wasted a lot of time to make money, or even lose confidence. Now there are many types of wangzhuan. One of the owners is to earn money to participate in the site’s friends. Other projects are ordinary users can also participate in the. You may wish to find one of the most easy to participate in and the most representative of the project to do, to understand its characteristics. And then more involved in the project. You may often see a lot of Wangzhuan advertising, what to say, make a few hundred, are true or not? The station that is mostly false. Because the project is so good is not open. So, we have to choose the actual project to do, rather than being misled by false advertising, to participate in a number of false projects, white to do a.

to find the right project, but also to find ways to promote, promote a lot of ways, such as through personal blog, website or go to each effective forum post promotion. As for how to be more effective, we need to continue to test and modify. As long as you are willing to try, you will come up with an effective way to promote. Not only Wangzhuan, a lot of things are actually like this.


Wangzhuan success is to have patience, Wangzhuan is an art, is also a job, it is also a kind of persistence. Met a lot of people are not good to do Wangzhuan, no clue, do not know where to start, so many people began to find textbooks, hoping to achieve a better effect by a simple method to make money. Can be turned out to be able to read the textbook actually do not understand, do not know what is written in the textbook, and then began to give up. A network of newcomers to learn is too much, such as basic knowledge, some Wangzhuan and SEO, bidding and so on, are to contact and to learn. If no one takes you to learn, it’s hard to learn by yourself, at least for about a year, so there are not many people who really learn on the internet. Most of us are just making fun of it. A few years of hard work is impossible

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