e-commerce should be a business model rather than a business model.

why do you say that? The reason is very simple, the electronic commerce’s mission is to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, is a subversion of the traditional business model, to further reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

thus can be seen, whether you are a pure e-commerce business, or traditional enterprises to test the water e-commerce. To judge whether it is successful or not, the key lies in whether it can reduce the operation cost of the whole enterprise.

and many companies do not seem to notice this, in their eyes, the so-called cost reduction, nothing more than some so-called store and other physical costs. These costs are strictly speaking, not operating costs, these are fixed investment. What if this is a low cost that the electronic commerce project operation cost is lower than that of the traditional enterprise, I am afraid a little self deception.

one of the competitiveness of enterprises is mainly derived from the operational efficiency, if you can not do better than the traditional operation efficiency of enterprises, then how about the advantages of e-commerce, of course, if you do a site with no ambition at all, earn money or no problem.

so, when we do e-commerce, whether it should be more in the operational aspects of the effort it should be seen as a business model?

a lot of people doing e-commerce, e-commerce is not seen as a mode of operation, even if it is just a little bit. More is to see it as a business model, that e-commerce is a new model, a new method to make money, so hurry to the site on the line, and vigorously promoted, and then there are orders, life is also good. But you may not have a chance to make it bigger.

whether it is pure business, or traditional companies test the water and electricity providers, many people just be seen as a way to make money, but not carefully think about it, why it can make money, in fact, business models are not always changed, changed the way of operation just cause, manifestation of the business model is also different. It is this new mode of operation so that it can be compared with the traditional business easier to earn money, but if you stubborn or regarded it as a business model, driven enterprise development through some of the emerging network promotion, I believe your good days will not be too long.

for the traditional enterprise this point becomes even more obvious, when traditional enterprises in the water and electricity provider, is likely to think that e-commerce project is to bring order to it, or to promote the brand, but did not consider how to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises by the electricity supplier. Along with the electricity supplier project on the line, but also should consider how to operate the original business of e-commerce around the optimization, improve efficiency, this is the real goal of an e-commerce project. Instead of simply treating it as a channel or brand.

this will only hurt the electricity >

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