] November 28th news billion state power network, the Alibaba’s Ali Institute recently issued a notice to find Taobao village in the country.


Alibaba slogan to explain well the positioning of Taobao Village: "you have such a large network of village – gathered in the village, they take Taobao as the main trading platform, and has formed a certain scale and synergy? If you have, please tell us!"

is reported that, in order to be certified as a Taobao village needs to meet 3 conditions. First of all, operating in rural areas. Secondly, the village electricity supplier annual sales to reach 10 million or more. Finally, the number of village shop registered to reach 50 or more, the number of online stores or registered in the local number of households reached more than 10%.

Ali Research Center, a report shows that the country has found a similar Taobao village 20. As of 2012, only in China’s retail platform Taobao, Tmall registered in the countryside on the number of more than 1 million 600 thousand stores.

it is reported that, as long as the screening conditions meet, the applicant can apply through the micro-blog @ Ali institute. If the final success of the declaration, the applicant will be invited to participate in the second session of the official forum Taobao village. Declare the success of the village will also enter the 2014 Taobao Village Research Report and the latest list of 2014 Taobao village.

industry insiders pointed out that the emergence of Taobao village shows that, as a private enterprise, Alibaba not only their own great benefits, it brings to the economic and social life of the impact is gradually emerging.

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