recently, focusing on the textile industry, home textile brand promotion website, Chinese brand home textile network from the acquisition of a domain name in the hands of a senior domain name domain name.

China brand home textile network (, the founder said: as a pioneer in the industry to promote the brand website, access (especially effective access) is the basis for business development. The domain name associated with the site’s business is one of the most important sources of effective access. The acquisition of domain name is one of the top names in the textile industry. As an investment, long-term benefit form of investment, I believe that the acquisition of the domain name will effectively enhance the Chinese brand home textile network ( in the industry’s competitiveness.

"Chinese brand textile network ( to create the person also told reporters that in the website try to access the data in the running for several months, from direct input domain ( traffic accounted for a large proportion.

in the acquisition price of, the reporter learned that the approximate number of about one hundred thousand yuan.

tips: industry domain name in the Internet industry applications

directly to the domain name as a domain name is a common phenomenon in the Internet industry. Such as Zhaopin (, China supplies (, Chinese industrial network (, power network (, Chinese lighting network ( is a representative. Due to the scarcity of such domain names, most of them through the two market (domain name investors) acquired.

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