by a number of girls wearing hot models starring in June promotional advertising is Jiangsu TV and other TV broadcast. This is in the field of 3C avoidance in the home appliance for two consecutive months of offensive, Gome online mall and other competitors, independent B2C leader Jingdong has just started the counterattack.

on the other hand, has regained second industry position of, and the meaning is as the United States in the future electricity supplier integration of the main United States online store has not died down. The beginning of June 1st, with the help of their national energy subsidies policy has just launched and put up a pageantry started a new wave of price war in the air conditioner and tv.

, however, the price war is only a superficial war between the electricity supplier. Behind the price war, and Gome online mall "logistics revolution", they take this as the key to defeating the Jingdong.

the end of May this year, Suning Appliance Suning chairman Zhang Jindong at the quarterly meetings, to speed up the whole process of the whole category of logistics distribution network construction, strengthen the store from mentioning the service, and emphasizes the coordination to the line of business "slogan, Suning place will have".

specifically, Suning Appliance for dozens of subsidiaries around the in the local operation promotion as the largest flagship store to prepare for this year, rapid popularity in the city has been stationed in the country set up more than and 300, and in various parts of the data into the general manager’s performance appraisal scope.

has just completed for Gome to Kuba wholly owned, is currently promoting its two big platform Kuba and new beauty (Gome online mall) merger. Sources told reporters in June 3rd, at the latest in September this year, the two electricity suppliers will complete a comprehensive supply chain logistics and IT systems, the end of the two companies is expected to formally merge."

speed war

in May 29th, Suning Appliance quarterly meeting, Zhang Jindong proposed to continue to increase investment in the first half of Tesco, to complete the sales last year (nearly 6 billion yuan), the second half of each month to maintain rapid growth, fourth quarter monthly sales exceeded 3 billion yuan.

obviously, this is the decomposition of 30 billion yuan for the beginning of the proposed target. But in the public opinion, according to the first half of 6 billion yuan in sales, the annual completed 20 billion yuan (including tax) target is more realistic, but compared with the Jingdong mall, thought that the absolute advantage of the supply chain and logistics seems to have gone.

supply chain, has been using Suning scale advantages of the use of low-cost supply available for Jingdong, however, depends on the scale of the annual sales of about 20000000000 Yuan to obtain low-cost supply has become a reality.

, a person in charge of a color TV business, said, Jingdong is now part of the procurement of goods have begun to use the account period >

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