fraud by modifying the data store, exaggerates this store merchandise sales. Comic: Liang Jiashun

yesterday, friends @ micro-blog meatballs "analysis of how to use the Taobao shop shop" decoration ", tampering with records, user evaluation, commodity score, these consumers in the online shopping to buy an important reference index, the owner was put on vest, according to present false false. Taobao technical staff confirmed to this reporter that currently only found a shop exploit the vulnerability. At present, Taobao has made a timely repair of this technical vulnerability, and the program designers and fraud shopkeepers have been punished accordingly.


shop has been canceled fraud

yesterday, Taobao also on the matter to respond to this reporter said, the post pointed out that the shop has been canceled Taobao, and has been punished for the shop. And the way the store tampering information, it is drilling technology vulnerabilities. staff about the sequence of events: please designer for Taobao shop decoration design software, then, for the designer to release some authority. Some designers are using this degree of freedom to write malicious code, and into software sales. The owner of the shop to buy the software, and the use of software defects in some areas have been modified. It is understood that the current malicious code designer has been written off Taobao designer qualifications.

at present, has been part of an important area of the shop, such as sales, merchandise information, evaluation and other sensitive areas of "decoration" protection, "decoration", the owner can not change the contents of these regions.

staff also said that the purchase of all such software services have been carried out on the shop screening, only to find the shop, not spread in other shops.

lawyer: consumers can return

yesterday, Guangdong Guang Zhou lawyer Liu Yuanhong said in an interview with reporters: "if Taobao owner through technical means to tamper with the sales, improve credibility, this behavior is false propaganda, for consumers is a fraud."

Liu Yuanhong said that such acts in violation of the relevant provisions of the consumer protection act, the need for administrative penalties and civil liability. Industrial and commercial management department can also be such a false propaganda behavior of Taobao shop owners fined, remediation, and even closed shop punishment.

at the same time, the owner of the fraud Taobao also respond to consumer returns, and bear the corresponding damages.

users: shop with pictures tampering data

How to choose

in online shopping? Look at the business credit value? See commodity trading volume? See buyers score? Buyer comments? Yesterday, watching friends @ balls "for a shop"

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