] July 21st news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, Taobao revealed at the press conference in the people responsible for the day before, this year an important change is to re create the taobao.com gold channel, Taobao will conduct in-depth cooperation and gold coins.

it is reported that the current Taobao gold in the Taobao home page has two entrances, respectively, in the promotion of Taobao’s special features and home page on the right side of the Department of the title of gold coins". This year’s gold coins as Taobao market proprietary marketing tools will introduce a lot of new strategies.

the person in charge, Taobao gold channel current traffic has exceeded Juhuasuan, the average daily UV has more than 10 million. Taobao this year to have such a large flow of channels to build beyond the Juhuasuan project. At present, all sales of gold coins are included in the main search algorithm Taobao, Juhuasuan and other mainstream Taobao marketing tools only gold coins can do this."

learned billion state power network, Taobao automobile and gold channel cooperation, launched the "car for this special show car goods floor. If you want to participate in this project, Taobao sellers need to pay 50 thousand gold coins registration fee, display period of 3 days. "The number of investment activities in each car must between 24 to 30, each pit shows 3 days.

taobao.com official introduction to the seller: "as long as the account in a certain gold coins you can sign up to the campaign, gold can credit activities can also bring new gold coins. However, if the seller’s account into a negative gold coins, the seller will never participate in the activities of gold coins."

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