diagram: when you know the Internet recently heat "Taobao first beauty" is its own time, Zhejiang Shuren University sophomore girls Li Ye’s roommate laughed, "you ah?" leaf asked myself, "I


name for "Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil Queen" Li Ye does not think he is what very beauty, she playfully blinked clear eyes, said: "I ah, most belong to the lovely girl, relatively clean." However, this petite girl, is a successful shop manager, and is a "MODEL (model) when the boss.

three will do the most love girl shopkeeper to buy clothes, not to mention the beautiful girl, Li Ye said, his first move to sell clothes of the mind, is your clothes too much, throw away too distressed, simply to sell second-hand clothes. "Do you know? My first shop, as early as the time of my third year out!"

she later discovered, his college classmate, many people have begun to earn his own living in the night market: some people set up a stall, the class went to buy something, behind its entrepreneurship; and, as a security guard at the hotel or welcome, although only a few hundred dollars monthly income, but let you have a great sense of achievement. Li Ye also quietly took the laptop from home, the parents usually give pocket money to buy a wireless network card to buy, really opened his own Taobao store. Unexpectedly, just get one, even to start a business with an air of importance.

diagram: the first business: 195 Yuan Li leaves on the edge of university out of the shop, waiting for three months after finally have the first buyers, while buyers texted clothes prices, she wondered, "who is this man, what are you doing?"

she has completely forgotten that she still has a shop!

she remembered clearly that the total price of the order was 195 yuan. After the breakthrough, all have a dramatic change: one after another order start Everfount. She said that now, his shop monthly turnover of about 20 thousand yuan.

and the most memorable, is a delivery to Xinchang experience. The order of the total price is 1600 yuan, for the time of her "this is too much! A few hours of bumpy road, the heart has to countless cheated the consequences when she finally saw a girl in the night in the station about good place when she couldn’t tears stay back up. With the stack of felt very thick yuan, the first time she think that money is really not easy. She described the story of what happened with "Idol": she enrolled in a fashion design class with the money, this is her childhood always want to study, but when you apply for college because parents insist to give up; now, she finally realized this desire for their own efforts.

diagram: 80 "Premiere" she has asked if.

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