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electronic commerce has been able to reverse the traditional users buying habits, one key reason is that the closed loop creates a set of purchase – guarantee payment evaluation final payment, eventually making people have enough trust in e-commerce. In contrast, micro business, because most of the marketing is based on the circle of friends, so there is no mature closed-loop business model.


micro business in the end is not a pyramid scheme, to tell the truth, it is now more difficult to define, but one thing is certain, the scope of the micro – business and the depth of radiation is now far higher than mlm. Because in many people’s hearts, even MLM, also will be more or less "concept of MLM is illegal", and for the micro business, most people will be regarded as following the Taobao after another with Internet related high-tech entrepreneurship opportunities.

played a stimulant micro business to get rich by

if the micro business is only recommended for mutual use between friends of the goods, as a kind of embellishment of everyday social, that is understandable. But when the micro business has become visible to everyone, everyone must play the business, it is really terrible. A very simple question, so many people do business, can really make money? If you search to Baidu or micro-blog, the answer is absolutely can, because never do any derivative in public to deny doing micro business is not making money. We are trying very hard to show off, do their own micro business only a month, WeChat friends only more than and 100 people, but every month can earn thousands of tens of thousands; everyone in the advocate, micro business is how amazing, no goods, the agent will be able to make money; everyone in the discussion, why can you do business to make money, how should the micro business operation……

then the derivative of these people is how to earn so much money? What these small business selling people actually buy? These people really understand that taking micro micro business, the future will have beyond the present electronic commerce development of all


actually, all in the micro business people understand that micro business can make money, most still rely on the development of the line in the top layers of agents so that they stand in the micro business chain to get more profits; everyone in the micro business that can make money, because we did not dare to admit not to make money this cruel fact, even really losing, otherwise how can the development of more lower level agents, and how to get the money to get back; all the more can not believe that the so-called not only do agents Yahuo, most just a simple please Jun into the urn trick, if not first give you a little sweetness, how can one step pull you to unconditional believe in yourself, and the subsequent production of goods is the important channel. Once with a micro business friends to chat, he had to let the agent from its own development agency, where the real purchase of goods, his trumpet add agent from him to buy goods, let him believe that it is easy to sell, then a one-time purchase price, only the proxy cost rise >

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