recently released a tribute to the classic sci-fi disaster film Jurassic world, people will always think of the classic twenty-two years ago. I also saw the film, the era of the people left the image as a memento. As a veteran of the reform of agricultural people involved in the Internet, I remember twenty-two years ago, the picture is not just running a group of dinosaur · · · · · ·

"Guizhou Dragon Technology poor" and "reform evolution" part company each going his own way

1993, the National People’s Congress adopted the "People’s Republic of China agriculture law", the ancient China agriculture from a legal backing, the hatching of young China modern agriculture form; the same year, the island’s anger "Jurassic Park" opened its doors, the rebirth of the tyrannosaurus shell breaking back, majestic roar fills the ear has taken.

1999, Alibaba in Hangzhou Chinese founded, while the electricity supplier rise, China agriculture has not detected ten years after the Internet tide of reform; the same year, "Jurassic park keeper" – Robert Mar Du, who died of cancer, sorrow of life’s fans.

2015, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet plus" concept "bean agriculture business service platform chain" flow, the Great Hall of the people in Beijing officially launched operations, the same year, "off the tempestuous waves; Jurassic world" released at the same time, to pay tribute to the classic Huibie unreproduciable classic.

twenty-two years, jungle overlord escape. This huge change, the original species can not avoid the old, after the upgrade of the "Jurassic world" and "hybrid gene lost Qianlong technology poor"; over the same period, China agriculture rapidly reform evolution: from 1 times to the peasant economy, planting large agricultural era 2, to the modern agricultural mechanization of agriculture 3, until today 4 highly intelligent era, we diligently strive after bean global dominance.

don’t stop thinking in primitive society people nosese

in slash-and-burn cultivation times, China agricultural origin, birth and growth, achievement of the Oriental the land of abundance. Industry and species are the same, refused to evolve will be extinct. The original species evolution and remaining fossil refused and the virtual image, modern China has also been seclusion and backward, slaves for a century. China farmers are so industrious, often referred to workers, we are always full of respect and sad, because feed one billion and four hundred million people, they are really too tired. Chinese agricultural evolution can not only liberate labor, make production more efficient, more intelligent, can dominate the world in the global agricultural economic Armageddon in


agriculture 4 in front of the agricultural terminal facilities will be connected through the Internet of things, to achieve production, processing of highly integrated and automated. In the agricultural industry as an example: the traditional channel mode can not be jumbled, a step to low; global advocacy of soil testing and fertilizer implementation difficulties, good mode can not fall. Farmer friend high production cost

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