August 20th, as the leading e-commerce Taobao also launched a cash on delivery business. But it is well known that the extra cost of goods on delivery increases the cost pressures. The introduction of this service in the end to increase the burden of how much Taobao e-commerce and logistics will be bound to what way?

cash on delivery to develop new user

yesterday, Taobao announced the first half of June 30, 2009 as a result of the report.

report shows that in the first half of 2009, Taobao achieved turnover of 80 billion 900 million yuan, close to last year’s $99 billion 960 million. National Bureau of statistics released in the first half of the total retail sales of social consumer goods 58711 billion yuan, accounting for Taobao transactions accounted for more than the end of last year, up by 0.4 percentage points.

at the same time, Taobao also launched a very popular in the B2C industry, the cash on delivery business. We are trying to reduce the threshold of online shopping." Taobao public and customer communication department public relations manager solemnly said, this is the development of new user model". Prior to the first half of the month, Taobao’s cash on delivery to test the water, the average daily amount of cash on delivery reached nearly 1 million yuan.

costs will certainly increase

from the previous B2C companies in the industry to carry out the means of payment, the removal of the normal single fee, such an invisible increase in the form of additional spending.

shopping cost should be some cash on delivery payment cycle is longer than Alipay, which is in the affirmative." Solemnly said, "Alipay will be able to get a direct hit, cash on delivery to a settlement time and logistics company."

for an increase in the cost of such sellers may have different practices, solemnly said, may the seller will spread the cost cost, also may have lost a part of the cost of sellers in order to promote this thing.

Analysys International Senior Analyst Cao Fei told the "daily economic news" interview, said: "cash on delivery is a demand for the largest consumer China for online shopping."

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