Abstract: the primary purpose of pengci marketing is to "the world discussing, return after a formal response, at least more people know themselves, because any negative news of big companies will suffer a huge concern.


in the Zexi Wei event to rectification end on the occasion, Baidu also stalls thing: Soufangwang CEO to Baidu Li Zhong Robin Li wrote an open letter to Baidu half literary and half vernacular, condemned its unfair treatment on V these two things in the brand area and enterprise, but also pointed out that the rise of Baidu a Chinese maximum flow entrance leads to the decline of the housing enterprises. Because Li Zhong and Robin Li are Peking University Alumni, this thing is more topical, in this lack of public opinion hot weekend spread.

for this, Baidu today conducted an official reply, and take the form of classical Chinese, the main points of view:

1, not only the trademark brand area, or to see who pay, but also the main demand of the website and the user’s keyword retrieval is fit, mainly refers to the relevance and quality of Web site, which is realized by PageRank algorithm, and not according to the bid ranking. This is easy to understand: the brand has a commercial area, but not purely commercial products, and the promotion is very different.

in the Baidu algorithm, SouFun was not in the front row, Baidu proof Soufangwang Alexa ranking, the user search intention, the number and content rich sites ", there is a great gap between the distance competitors Soufangwang Soufangwang real world. From the point of view of the trademark, the room to get the house is a trademark has a brand area, the current SouFun trademark has not been vested in, there is no brand area.

2, the investment is not the world of housing Soufangwang Robin Li individuals, but Baidu subsidiary investment. In view of the fact that Baidu is to increase the service industry especially the O2O business investment, and love, so a lot of room for a new generation of real estate intermediary platform show that Internet plus real estate is to represent the general trend, Baidu investment SouFun real world for the normal behavior of enterprises.

Prior to this, Baidu also invested in another real estate platform live off, if in accordance with the logic of Li Zhong, Baidu should be able to suppress the room after the housing investment in the housing network of the world on the. Therefore accused Baidu because of the investment in the world of housing Soufangwang pressure to suppress the argument untenable. And even Robin Li personal investment, but also understandable.

3, Baidu did not think that the rise of search engines is the cause of the decline of some of the sites, the so-called business.

this is a very simple thing, but after just experienced Wei Zexi events more attention. Baidu has become a target for all now, as if to questioned or a badly frightened person, very afraid of the popular mood is excited, the fact is not so important, it is because of this, Baidu will open letter to a small company of positive >

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