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the way you think

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not long ago, someone asked me such a question on the Internet: how to cultivate a person’s entrepreneurial skills? Because I am busy day so I give him back to the scorched by the flames, a little careless, I just told him, although you can learn some business skills, but entrepreneurs are basically born. But soon after, I began to think further about the problem. The first thing I do is to think about the real definition of entrepreneurship.

why do I define myself as an entrepreneur?

entrepreneur (entrepreneur), the word originated from the French vocabulary, in today’s entrepreneurial society, this word sounds to make people feel tall. But the word "entrepreneurs" and "business owners" what is the difference? Essentially, two identical. For example, the relationship between entrepreneurs and business owners, like the "Butterfly" and "flying insects", the former just sounds better. If you don’t believe it, you can try to close your eyes.

What is the difference between

butterflies and other arthropod animal? Many of us will also the idea of a special butterfly, is that it has bright wings. But in "What Entrepreneurs" on this issue, but few people realize that between entrepreneurs and business owners together, we are always willing to add a beautiful label for yourself, and ignore the essence.

if you can’t remember the last time someone paid for your job, what would you call yourself an entrepreneur?.

in my personal business start-up process, I experienced a lot of things, there are good and bad. And I always try to sum up, what makes me stand up, what makes me lose. Being an entrepreneur, it’s not what you do, it’s not what you achieve. The core of the entrepreneur should be your way of thinking.

entrepreneurial skills training, in fact, not suitable for all people. On the road to entrepreneurship, you will find yourself struggling, sometimes, you will become your own best teacher; and sometimes, you will become your own worst enemy. But there are ways in which you can grow stronger on the road to growth. These methods have helped me.

1 learn to listen to

in any case, you should allow yourself to become a good listener. When you are talking with others, you need to be serious and have specific questions to ask.

although sometimes some pretend to be

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