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Nene: This is Haier new media planning director Zhang Yan in a "Ouchi Explorer" community share, the topic of the day is on the two generation and detonated the mirror mirror rebirth. Carefully inside the players found that detonated the micro-blog with the forward and forwards the amount of micro-blog is very different, so the latter discussion has become a hair micro-blog so drag".

The two generation of the rebirth of


mobile Internet era so that we do not need to be limited to the desktop port to see the world, through the phone, everyone is actually exposed to the Internet at any time. The relative abundance of products, as well as consumers, especially after 90 consumer demand for personality, so that the era of mass customization ahead of schedule. Users are no longer satisfied with what to choose on the market, he just want a unique and suitable for their own things, the best way seems to let him participate in the manufacturing industry.


mirror is a project of Haier investment, is essentially a waterproof support touch tablet computer, used to replace a bathroom mirror of wisdom, is the standard black technology. You can ask "mirror mirror I beauty get up every morning?" she might tell you that you are the most beautiful ", but also may tell you that some parameters related to you today and your percentage of skin health. It will test your weight, will say "Hey, you today the examination", at the same time it can identify your family members, identify your partner, or your home water heater remote control. Because the price of 20 thousand yuan, has been lukewarm not fire.


at the beginning of 2016, the value of the CES mirror debut exhibition, hope that through some communication to support sales. When the team inside the storm, everyone said he would not buy. Why? Because of its price and general mirror up to hundreds or thousands of the price difference is too large, although it gives so many black technology, but these black technology we need? Or it is true we need black &



so, we made a bathroom mirror our wisdom unveiled CES on the official micro-blog, results in a short period of time to read the amount of nearly two million. The keywords micro-blog index day "mirror" is also a way up.


big data found by combing the mirror is really in love and expectations. And gave a very good suggestion for users, the default is the mirror full touch screen, but for ordinary users who may not need to touch the top of the mirror, the mirror if the lower part made of the touch screen, will reduce the cost? Some people doubt that it will not be Water Leakage leakage, will not to reveal my privacy etc.. Most users can accept the price range in 1000-3000>

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