website promotion is one thing every webmaster particularly annoying, but you don’t go to the promotion, the website will not flow, if it is the enterprise network marketing website is empty, the business is greatly diminished


let us analysis: at present, enterprise website is the main access to customers through the search engine, Baidu is now basically monopolize the search market, everyone says get network marketing, marketing is actually Baidu! But we have a new way to get


this time I will give you a my new website promotion method, is mainly a combination of B2C and C2C, of course, I still speak to the promotion of enterprise stand, other websites at present I am not sure, but try to have interest in

!Everybody knows

B2C and C2C to show the basic picture, let a person see you know what this is sold! Our corporate website marketing methods that the ideal is not to show that the effect of TV media.

to my site sj0523, for example, the product is mainly industrial washing machine (I do not play the URL, or else it was considered AD). Now there are many sites in the network shops? Oh that is a huge number! What can we tell these shops hang up! Links with a few words even LOGO image pixel is a 88*30

!When the construction site of the

so we can exchange channel! Said the white point, you put several products on my website, I also put a few products on your site! This between you and me are sharing customer source together! One thing to note is that in your other channel information on the brief introduction, the customer to their website to attract


has a point of attention. When making pictures as far as possible to put a product, do not put a lot of breath above, so counterproductive. And look at each other when the channel, if it is FLASH navigation bar, which we should pay attention to, may wish to put the other side of the page is also good!

may I be nonsense, but we try to develop a new network marketing method, outside of search, at least in the network to carry out, the company set up the network department really belongs to a marketing agency


industrial washing machine

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