wrote an article two days ago, "WeChat marketing errors," said the WeChat marketing now some of the wrong views. This further talk about some of the scam WeChat marketing, we recommend that the two articles together to read.

micro-blog is successful, there are tens of thousands of businesses to benefit from micro-blog, so WeChat came, then a bunch of people packed a myth, especially a bunch of so-called WeChat training master, tell you that micro-blog can succeed, so WeChat will succeed. But micro-blog and WeChat are two different things. Sina toothpaste sold well, does not mean that there must be a market for Tencent condoms.



is a new type of media is most suitable for mobile phone reading, and most people in micro-blog also tend to read and share, in this standard, we do not seem to find similar products can meet this point. And WeChat is different, I am the emblem of the sword in the article, WeChat marketing misunderstanding, said, but WeChat is a strengthening of the location of the instant messaging tools. His core strengths are communication and positioning interaction, according to this view, his competitors are a bunch of piles, such as unfamiliar street, for example, a variety of mobile applications with communications and positioning functions, etc..

micro-blog and WeChat fans are very different characteristics. Can scan two-dimensional code, but micro-blog allows users to pay attention to the next account, and then send a micro-blog, at least a few hundred or even more people to see, once the two forwarding the number of readers more. WeChat added up to a circle of friends, others are not easy to forward. If the merchant is more interesting product, the greater the effect of the spread of micro-blog, and WeChat’s meaning is far less than the spread of micro-blog.

mobile phone users through micro-blog can understand the world and even around the event. WeChat is also a few friends gossip. Rather than spend the energy to do a necessary nuisance called WeChat public account, not like in other energy above, such as good corporate marketing messages.


now many companies are now popular WeChat, but ignored the traditional text messages. Traditional SMS can be achieved:

1, to send a message to members, do not care about what kind of mobile phone use;

2, the user does not use the same as WeChat;

3, a small amount of spending, will make enterprises more cautious;

4, if the user can access mobile phone, SMS containing a link like open.

5, SMS reply is also very convenient.

can meet the majority of enterprise applications, not to worry about the number of problems, because the higher the income is an important group, often less likely to change the number.

at present, a large number of WeChat training course content is as follows:


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