to do the real estate operation of the students, it should be found that the recent real estate WeChat marketing is also very hot, but also to see from time to time, so that some real estate bigwigs to join the example of WeChat real estate. The students do you think users really buy it? Do you want to know what the user is not the customer, then how can the user into a customer, to allow users to buy your house, the students think? Hope the following points after reading for your help and inspiration.

first, a good tool will certainly bring good marketing it?

is not a WeChat, your marketing must b? In the past, micro-blog completely mistaken! When hot, many real estate projects make forwarding three friends @ micro-blog activities in micro-blog, seemingly fans are growing quickly, but the real housing transaction fans, fans a few, this is why


from the communication perspective, micro-blog spread better than WeChat, why are stubborn, actually choose WeChat marketing? Because you think WeChat has effect, but you are not the starting point of no choice? Good marketing tools or channels, must have strong planning, to understand the needs of users, understand network to promote people to guide, to achieve maximum value.

The developers of

companies do not lack the planning staff, but many planners are just a regulatory agency, and to the third party audit, including advertising agency, media agencies, programs, and planning of energy is limited, the research on network marketing and promotion are not deep, so that everyone in the stem and WeChat. Do WeChat, but it is not clear why to do, how to do, the heart is not the end. WeChat currently has a lot of development projects, if you really go to research to analyze, you will find that after the development of WeChat interface experience is very bad. Micro website built WeChat project, to continue to update the content, format cannot adjust quickly, so these are the standard template, if individual adjustment, to charge a service fee, in fact, WeChat marketing without development can also be done very well.

second, why do you follow suit?

A lot of

to WeChat promotion of enterprises, it will be two times the development, is it necessary? If only in WeChat display project real photos, embedded map, contact even OK, what is the value? The development of less have spent over a million yuan investment. Su-i do not know, potential customers get project information in a way that is not available through WeChat, but access to real estate portal more focused on the real estate information, including other customers Kanpan diaries, and the official that is difficult to continue to update, WeChat hanging things, to customers without any emotional exchanges. If you say, take this million to carry out some activities to promote, the effect is far more than this effect.

in addition, do WeChat two development, do you really want to do? If it is on the project requirements, more based on pre – storage and consideration, then will take into account the delivery of the property is

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