Baidu bidding promotion, since its launch, with Baidu search this giant platform, quickly got everyone touted. Development up to now, people do network promotion, Baidu bidding can be said to be placed in the first place to consider. In fact, do not know is that many people do not know the Baidu bid, do the benefits of Baidu bidding and weakness, just go with the flow like, others do, I do, I do, will not get good rankings, only the Baidu bid, others can find me. Therefore, many people ignore the role of SEO. In fact, easy to make a small series of network marketing to say, things have two sides, from the enterprise point of view, the pros and cons of Baidu bidding you really understand it?

today, easy to network marketing to say about the advantages of Baidu bidding:

first: timeliness strong, ranking stable.


as long as we do the Baidu auction, will have a profound experience, filled with money, set the background keywords, can immediately display our information in the Baidu home page key position within a short period of time, site traffic will be greatly increased. And as long as the price is reasonable, then it will always be in a significant position to show, there will be no big fluctuations, which is how to do SEO optimization can not reach.

second: a wide range of key words with the effective.

in Baidu bidding inside, want to set which keyword ranking, just minutes of things, the background settings on the OK. But for SEO, you can optimize a keyword, it takes a long time, may be just the keywords optimization up, for some reason do not need, but also great efforts to optimize a keyword, which is more people vomit blood.

so what is the disadvantage of Baidu bidding


first: malicious click.

this can be said to be the largest Baidu bid a drawback, our competitors sometimes see your website ranking in front of them, and they do not want to spend more than the price you do promotion, so malicious clicks appear, your advertising click almost, with their relatively low cost, the natural row in front of you to go.

second: high cost

can be said that the Baidu bid is a burn promotion way. In the fierce competition in the industry, some key price up to more than and 10 yuan, like Ji’nan East investment information "change network marketing" of the word, want to get good rankings basically in thirteen yuan. Because if you set the price low, no promotion effect, such as health, beauty, education in these industries, a large company a month spent tens of thousands of pieces of money is a normal thing, sometimes even hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, which for some small companies, is not affordable.

through the above analysis, it can be said that Baidu for promotion is a double-edged sword, Xiaobian remind you, in the choice of promotion, we must act, a good grasp of a >

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