in recent days, I even struggled in the blog inside, it is undeniable that the blog is one of the best sources of the chain, so I’m here to make some blog marketing. The role of the blog first gather their popularity, so I made a few ideas.

one, the best choice in the blog is relatively large, relatively large weight of the platform, so that you can bring the amount of browsing, click. Recommend the following platforms: Sina NetEase Sohu Alibaba and the blog bus blog, I think a person’s energy is limited, a SEOER cannot pass through your energy to complete some blog careful maintenance, but we can concentrate do several blogs, keep update, also known as a blog, than all over the net much better.

two, the name of the blog to be targeted and attractive. For example, you do IT industry, take me for example, I was engaged in IT training services, but the name to the school named a best, but there is another maintenance content on the blog, I see IT on the world, by sharing their experience and understanding of the IT world, let a friend in need have a clear understanding. Only help others, others will return you. Secondly, as a webmaster, we can share their own blog to learn, skills sharing is the greatest wealth of SEOER.

three, maintain a blog section well-proportioned, classification at a glance. This is a matter of a user experience, blog update is the source of PV, which is undeniable. As for the well-proportioned, easy to understand language, classification at a glance is on the user experience of the problem, and also pay close attention to the problem.

four, as an ordinary blog, we are in the beginning, the most difficult is how to promote the blog out, we completed the construction of the blog, also in the later period of follow up, then we need to continue to promote it, I summarized some methods:

(1) link exchange, which is the most common way, but only your blog has a certain popularity, it is possible to find a good blog and you swap links.

(2) blog reproduced, blog reproduced very attractive, but how to let others reproduced, this is the main Bo to the construction of Bowen, the difficulty is high, but it is a effective method of obviously.

(3) relation network. As a SEOER, a very important part of the webmaster resources. What is the resource, that is, everything can be pulled in favor of SEO things are resources. At this time you will need to edit the title of the blog or the main title of a good relationship, and once the relationship network is established, your blog is placed on the home page, it is difficult to fire.

five, to give you a calculation of the blog traffic and key words: China webmaster statistics; 51 pull flow statistics as long as the code embedded in the module can be statistical data

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