as a network marketing practitioners, soft writing is always a topic not open around. It is not easy to write a high quality soft Wen, need to practice a lot of thought, especially the title of the article is every phrase a gem. Good article can not do without a good title, the mobile Internet is widely used today is so. The title of the party have a deep understanding about the importance of writing the title, and grasp its essence, its content is not high quality may still rely on title has brought a lot of money flow. Starting today, all over the country will enter the college entrance examination for several days, a period of time has emerged a variety of brilliant college entrance examination slogan. Years of hands-on experience of network marketing pilot told Bo king, the title writing and writing slogans have many similarities, it is to attract attention to achieve the effect of. That being the case, we might as well take a look at the college entrance examination slogan can give the title of soft text writing what inspiration.


Description: seeking truth from facts extremely elegant and valuable

narrative type is also described, that is, the title of the content to the main narrative, narrative title writing, is the most we see a way. Due to the language and the use of many, the only way to describe the title of the way to attract the eye can only be the title of the content itself.


type: ask questions after a

set people thinking

question type Title divided into rhetorical questions, such as the title of this article is the question. The biggest benefit of the question title is that it will cause users to think, and thus play a role in deepening the impression. Because of its own advantages, question type title is also very widely used, especially in the application of a number of advertising copy.



statement: the true feelings of courageous and knowledgeable


statement also is called the confession, is the first person identity feeling. Position type title because of using the first person to drive the user emotional resonance, can effectively enhance user impression, win user identity and the formation of communication.


comparison type: comparing

quite distinct from each other

is also referred to as a comparative title title, that is, compared with a reference object. But there is no fixed reference object selection rules, can be a person or thing under the same conditions, can also be time and space with the dislocation of a person or thing. On the title, because most of the comparison quite distinct from each other to give users leave a deep impression.


symmetric type: Darling

pingze rhythm

some titles read words and tones is very beautiful, neat, especially the application of some parallelism and symmetry of rhetoric, read catchy. This is a good title for symmetry

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