after the practice in recent days, found by Baidu know promotion, the effect is immediate, traffic is rushing to

. A question and answer (not recommended, not in order to promote a question + answer)

two. To answer the question of others need to pay attention to several points:

The answer provided by

1 must be in accordance with the problem, at least for reference, so that even if it is not adopted as the best answer will not be objectionable

2 links left the best point to the specific issues related to the site, rather than the domain name

3 our purpose is to promote, but also to provide the real needs of the questioner

4 Baidu know the problem to be solved link:

to solve the problem

high score problem

fast maturity problem

, head of knowledgeBaidu

in the use of the website provides to the users of information, and the website and rely on Baidu to flow, so that listening to each other is to use, that the sound is mutual cooperation — but now Baidu Adsense is expanding, many passive. Once Baidu pull hair, traffic plummeted, such as my name, still puzzled why the hair is pulled out. (network name is the first name as the theme of the site, another site name web content after Baidu acquisition is included, crowding out of my place, my name is Baidu net shield, although it is a small, it is the first time I had to carefully built, brood on. In this station, I have to say that Baidu is blind)

however, complaints can not solve the problem, so the only way, in fact there are many ways to "value squeeze on Baidu. Each one takes what he needs, everyone is really good, this is our consistent principle. In fact, this is also the basis of sustainable development, and selfish behavior is foolish and short-sighted, this is not a moral, just consider from the perspective of human nature long-term interests.

Ps: the promotion methods also apply to Search ask Sina ASK Iask Interactive Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of 360 interactive wiki. Starting in the vest forum, please, thank you! (to vest forum, network marketing, network marketing research)

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