Part 1 | active users and retained

relationships and definition, and growth

in the Internet industry, we usually pull new customers through the lead, but after a period of time may be part of the customer gradually lost. Those who stay or visit our company’s website / App are often called retention.

in a period of time, has been on a website / App arbitrary user behavior, called the site / App this time of active users, the arbitrary behavior can visit the website, open App and so on.

now we often use the so-called "daily living" (daily active users, DAU), "live" (Zhou Huoyue weeks the number of users, WAU) to monitor our website, sometimes we see the "daily living" in a period of time is gradually increased, is often thought good sign, but if not retained analysis, this result is likely to be a mistake.

For example, a

company to do a lot of new activities, people brought a lot, the number of active users on the rise, but on behalf of customers in the growing? Maybe it’s just too much to pull new cover up the problem of the high turnover rate, in fact the customer retention is in gradually reduced.

below with a profound understanding of the relationship between growth and retention.

first, seemingly active number:



axis represents time; the vertical axis represents the total number of weeks the amount of activity, increasing the total number of curves representing the most outside, especially at the beginning. Look at each of the colors in the graphics, and change over time. These different colors represent users coming in every week, and they change over time, and in the end only a small fraction of the population remains.

this is actually a retention of the accumulation of the map, each day of the deposits are piled up to form a week of active users; at the same time there are into and out, the total is the active week.

second, the number of active real growth:


as time goes by, we can see the different levels of color, after a period of time to become a smooth line, which shows that some of our customers retained. At this time, we not only have Laxinlalai new users, some users before Romanov, add up the number of users is the growth of real users.

analysis of the above two curves, we can find the surface of the user is growing. But look at the essence of the phenomenon, the user is retained in the first picture is constantly reduced, while the remaining second users remain stable in the late, so the total number of users growing. In order to achieve

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